Have you got swipe fatigue from using dating apps? Fed up of never meeting anyone in person? Speed dating feels so last century and standard “singles” nights are a bit cattle market.

Come along to our new, fun Randomoke night and share a great experience with other singletons. It’s karaoke and pub games with a twist. Think Russian Roulette but with banging karaoke tunes and random strangers that want to sing with you, mixed in with classic pub games like Play Your Cards Right, Joker Poker and Race Night. What better way to find the love of your life than go through total embarrassment on your first date. Or show off your singing talents! Whether you can sing or not, want to show your competitive side or whether you find “the one” or not, you’ll have a great, entertaining night out.

To buy tickets for this event please visit our events page: RANDOMOKE – KARAOKE FOR SINGLES tickets from Skiddle.

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